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Nerf Rapid Fire 20

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Review

I actually bought this gun 3-5 years ago, and since becoming something of an experienced "Nerfer", it has been carried around in a bag with several other Nerf guns.
What you get in this product is a fully automatic Nerf gun that holds 20 darts.
It comes with suction darts, but so far any of the micro darts work fine (I prefere the Nerf tag Velcro darts. More likely to stick to victims :-).
The gun does need to be pumped up like a super soaker, so there is that draw back to loading time, not to mention you need to place each dart into it.
And it shoots fast. And I mean FAST. In a matter of seconds you've shot off all 20 darts. I was in a Nerf war a couple weeks ago where everyone had hit points, and thus when hit enough you're tagged out. I finished off my friend (who hadn't bee hit yet that game)on the other team with this gun. On Single fire (would have put it on rapid fire had I been thinking).
And that brings me to another feature: it has a dial to select between single and rapid fire. Rapid being the super fast fire setting, single fire being more of a slow rapid fire setting.
Another thing I want to point out is that there seems to be a release valve in the pumping mechanism, meaning when you pump it up enough, it starts to release extra air, thus protecting the gun from having too much pressure. You'll hear the gun hiss as you pump when you've reached that point.
This seems to be a pre- N-Strike design, so there's no clip like system here. All the darts simply go in the front. And with looser darts, darts can fall out of the front of the gun, so I recommend holding it level, never down.
But that's the only weakness, that and the prep time. Otherwise, awesome gun. I really can't think of any other gun that can top this in ammo capacity and fire rate.
And btw, this gun retails at about .00. At the time of this writing, it's a Target exclusive, so I'd recommend checking there first before dishing out +

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Feature

  • With an awesome 20-dart capacity, this fierce blaster lets you control the speed and delivery of your darts
  • Get pumped for incredible fast firing action
  • Load the soft foam darts into the rotating barrel, power up by pumping the handle to fill the air chamber, then mark your target and pull the trigger
  • Awesome air-jet power launches the darts wherever you aim
  • Set the speed control dial to rapid-fire mode and shower your target with a fast-release onslaught of foam darts

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Overview

With the Rapid Fire AS-20, you can shoot a flurry of Nerf Micro Darts at your opponent with the rapid fire switch, or flip to single fire and hold onto your ammo for a stand off! It's your choice with the latest entry in the Nerf N-Strike series!

Customer Reviews

One seriously rocking toy! - Keith A. Dickinson - Kansas City, KS
When I first read about this toy, I thought it looked fun. Man, was I mistaken. This thing is a complete and total riot! We use Nerf guns at work to relieve stress. Imagine my joy when the first time I pumped this sucker up and unloaded on my boss. The reaction of my fellow employees was epic. I didn't get my hands on the gun again for three days because everyone else was having too much fun with it.

While it's easy for a full grown adult to pump the air pressure up on the toy, young children will have issues and your arm will quickly wear out. Also, loading up 20 suction cup rounds can take a bit of work as well. Most of this is offset by the fact that you unload all 20 rounds in about 3 seconds in a continuous stream of shots that resemble a fountain of foam.

If you want something that's epic fun to unload with occasionally, this is the toy for you. If you're the kind of person who does running battles, you should look at one of the other guns. Recharging and reloading takes a LONG time with this gun, making it a poor choice for anything other than a surprise attack.

Still, it's one of the most fun Nerf guns I have!

WOW!!!!! If you have one that works. - L. Byrd - El Paso, Texas
This is the weapon to have!!!!
Perfect for the office environment or cube warfare.
Easy to reload and can use any of the bullets I have seen NERF make.
Squeeze off a few rounds, reload a few at a time, and pump it as you go.

My office buddy's were very impressed when we went in the conference room and "splattered" the whiteboard. Darn silly stuff for a group of 28-40 year olds in the IT group, but it is fun.

Not quick to say I would give this to a child under 10. It has the size and feel of a nail hammer. I do not think this would be easy for then to use.

This gun is noisy. It really does have the sound of a machine gun.

I had to take the first one I purchased back. Fired it a few times, then it just stopped working. The second one I have seems to be OK so far. Be sure to test at the store to see if yours will work. I suggest ten rounds of 20. It's a lot, but it's a real pain to drive back to the store.

Bottom line....... this weapon is all that, and you will dominate against any single shot, pump actions, and even the Vulcan.

terrible - K. Lynch -
This gun worked for about 5 minutes. First, I had to pump the gun 75 times to get enough pressure to shoot 1/2 the rounds on the rapid fire adjustment. Then the pump broke! Don't waste your money.

Awesome gun - Steve -
This gun is sick. we got it for a friend and it shoots crazy. All the bullats in like 3 seconds. It aslso sounds cool. The only thing is that the bladder started leaking after an hour and it only shot 2 bullets before running out of air. He returned it and got a new one and it works fine. Overall this gun is sweet.

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