Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nerf Night Jam Nerfoop - 1

Nerf Night Jam Nerfoop - 1 Review

My son and his friends love this hoop. He is 11 years old and received it for his 6th birthday. So much more durable than ever other hoop this style that we have ever had in our house. The kids love that the rim comes down when you slam dunk. Other hoops like this don't do that and end up breaking. All his friends love this hoop and I have been unable to find it for years, thought they stopped making it. But tomorrow my local big box store has it in their circular and I will stock up. The ball it comes with is a little heavy and we really don't use it. Instead we use a softer basketball. It is up in a 2nd floor bedroom hanging over the closet. The kids like it so much it is up in our biggest bedroom, we emptied all the furniture out and the kids use it as a a game room. Hours and hours of play for many!

Nerf Night Jam Nerfoop - 1 Feature

  • First nerf set you can use in the dark
  • 5-inch glowing firewire basketball that lights up in the dark
  • Along with a light-up rim and a backboard that can hang on the back of your door
  • Measurement of backboard, hoop and rim is 13 inches high excluding net by 12 inches wide by 13.375 deep
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries not included

Nerf Night Jam Nerfoop - 1 Overview

The Nerf Nite Jam Nerfoop Basketball set takes your hoop skills to a whole new arena- the dark! Hang your Nite Jam Nerfoop on the back of your door! Turn on the rim, and charge up your ball for a serious game of nighttime hoops! Get slam-dunking in style and challenge your friends to take a shot in the dark.

Customer Reviews

My boys love it - Kathryn Ftizpatrick - NY
My boys each have one of these in their room. they love it. They love the light up hoop and the ball. The only downside is the noise..but I can get past that knowing they are having fun. It's great for those inclement days when we are stuck indoors.

Unsatisfied - Jen Harms -
I thought the goal would be more durable since it was more expensive, however, the goal broke after 4 weeks and we have had to ducktape it several times. I believe the ball is too heavy for the goal itself. My boys were disappointed!

ugh - Megan H. Steltz - pennslvania
didnt work from day 1. hanging on the door not easy. junk for the money

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