Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nerf N-Force Sword - Thunder Fury Yellow

Nerf N-Force Sword - Thunder Fury Yellow Review

Got one of each color for my girlfriend and I, after testing them out in the store and at a friend's house. We're both in our twenties, and we hit pretty hard with these swords, especially after using them against the larger Marauder Sword and Warlock Axe. Although the sturdy plastic cores have stood up to the abuse quite well with no bending or breaking, the seams along the foam edges of each sword began to show serious wear, and the tip of each sword (where there is about an inch of foam with no core) started tearing off completely.

I reinforced each sword by placing a strip of athletic tape along each edge, and after sealing the torn tips with Gorilla Glue, wrapping 2-3 inches of each tip with a double layer of tape. Athletic tape is made from soft fabric, so the swords are still safe to hit with (as much as they were to begin with, at least), but it's strong enough to keep the foam surface from tearing further. It can be found at any sports or fitness sections of most major retailers. I would recommend this cheap modication if you're going to be playing with hard-hitting adults.

Nerf N-Force Sword - Thunder Fury Yellow Feature

  • Arm yourself for the ultimate battle
  • Experience and grab a hold of the nerf n-force thunder fury
  • Become part of the n-force team
  • Durable foam sword
  • The ultimate in hand-to-hand battle for active play!

Nerf N-Force Sword - Thunder Fury Yellow Overview

Arm yourself for the ultimate battle experience and grab a hold of the nerf n-force thunder fury foam sword. Durable for active play, just take hold to become part of the n-force team

Customer Reviews

buy it - -
I bougt this for myself that was a great choice!

great quality
small pain but big enough that you don't want to get hit
when you swing you do not have to use so much might

to light

overall a great toy!

good for one day - -
I bought this sword about 4 days ago.
The first day it was fine, the second day I saw it had already starded to fall a part.
The next day the tip was bent and the paint was coming off, i had ony used it a little bit. Well if you buy this sword your wasteing about 15 dollars.

Fun, but becareful - Derek Perez -
This sword, if you can technically call it that, is very light weight and fun. Perfect for kids, unless those kids are older then 15. As durable as it is, if you swing it TOO hard it actually kind of hurts. I'm a little older then a 15 year old and actually know how to use real weapons. After about an hour of me an a few friends using these we walked away from the confrontation with bruises covering our bodies.

It's fun and worth getting, but if you can swing it to the point of hearing a slight whistle know that you might actually hurt someone with it.

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