Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nerf Clip System Darts 36pk

Nerf Clip System Darts 36pk Review

This maybe the fastest bullet made for Nerf. The bullets are streamlined and has the least wind resistance. It has the smallest tip. They work best on the clips with the Recon CS-6. They also work on the Maverick, the one with the 6-shooter rotating barrel, which I think is one of the best guns made by Nerf.

Unfortunately, it will not work with the one-shooters such as the EX-3. I was a bit baffled why it won't since the bullets share the same diameter, inside and out, with the rest. What I found out was that the hole in this particular bullet is shallower than the other bullets. Probably to counterbalance the lighter tip. If you press the orange foam just below the tip, the foam is solid and not hollow. This prevent the bullet from going inside the one-shooter all the way in the barrel.

Using them on clip guns, there is also an annoying problem of jamming, squashing and chipping. This is more of a problem with the guns instead of the bullets. But still, it shorten the life of the bullets as well as ruining accuracy.

Nerf Clip System Darts 36pk Feature

  • Refill pack of 36 N-STRIKE series Clip System darts
  • Blasters (each sold separately)
  • Keep the game going even longer
  • These foam darts are specially designed for high-flying, high-performance blasting

Nerf Clip System Darts 36pk Overview

Load up your NERF LONGSHOT CS-6, N-STRIKE RECON CS-6, or RAIDER CS-35 blaster (each sold separately) with this 36-pack of N-STRIKE series Clip System darts and keep the game going even longer! These foam darts measure about 2 1/2-inches long and are specially designed for high-flying, high-performance blasting.

Customer Reviews

They do what they're made to do. - Fellier Cray A. Artaba - Under a rock
These darts work well for my nerf gun. they also fit the maverick pistol if u push it in deep enough (thats what she said). overall great darts! i just sorta wished they had suction darts that fit into my cs-6 deploy nerf gun

nerf darts - elaine duchaineau -
we got replacement darts because we have a Bengal cat that plays fetch with them, (we shoot , he brings them back), and they don't survive his teeth well... he loves them :)

Grandson said it was GREAT! - Susan Dever - Hillsboro, OR
10 year old grandson thought this was the "Best gift ever" to go with the Nerf Dart gun. Lots of darts to shoot his 3 siblings.

Fun Nerf Gun Darts - Marie Tartaglia - Bronx, NY
Bought a nerf sniper gun for my little brother and got the extra darts since you can never find them all after shooting the gun.

Fun Nerf gun and accessories.

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