Monday, September 20, 2010

Nerf Buzzsaw Blaster

Nerf Buzzsaw Blaster Review

The Buzzsaw is a lot easier to use for the little ones, compared to the NERF reactor, which requires a lot of strength to use. I got this for my 3yr old son. He can actually load the gun and shoot the balls out himself. The only drawback is, this toy is very loud. No surprise attack with this one. And it only holds up to 3 balls. The faster you rev up the toy the further the balls will go. I would recommend this toy if you plan on buying your little one his first NERF gun. Very durable, inexpensive. Worth the money.

Nerf Buzzsaw Blaster Feature

  • Rapid-fire ball blaster has rev-it-up Buzzwheel action for rapid, ballistic blasting!
  • Blaster comes with 4 Ballistic balls
  • Rev up its unique Buzzwheel for rapid-fire blasts
  • Play your game NERF-style!
  • When you're looking for rapid-fire ball blasting, look no further than the ballistic BUZZSAW blaster!

Nerf Buzzsaw Blaster Overview

When you're looking for rapid-fire ball blasting, look no further than the ballistic Buzz Saw Blaster! Rev up its unique Buzzwheel for rapid-fire blasts, and play your game NERF-style. Blaster comes with four Ballistic balls.

Customer Reviews

Chrismas Gift for Grandchild - LadyAyn - Texas
I would never have thought of this as a gift for a girl, but this is what the granddaughter wanted and this is what she got. Her Mom reports that she really loves it.

Better than darts for little kids. - Lee Ann Fontenot - DeQuincy, LA USA
I bought this for my nephew who is 2 because I thought the balls were easier to keep up with than the darts. (This is from experience.) It was little harder to fire than I thought it was going to be, but he has been shooting his sister with no problems. As with all nerf products, its very durable and well constructed.

FUN FOR 10 MINUTES - Paul B. Arnold - Iraq
This toy broke about and hour after I got it. The teefh broke on the handle. It would probably work longer if you were careful, but in a nerf war it's hard to take your time.

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