Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monsters vs Aliens Area 52 Foam Dart Shooter

Monsters vs Aliens Area 52 Foam Dart Shooter Review

Monsters vs Aliens Area 52 Foam Dart Shooter Feature

  • Comes with 6 foam darts
  • Includes 7 inch exploding quantonium miner
  • Includes 5.5 inch ginormica
  • Includes bridge accessory

Monsters vs Aliens Area 52 Foam Dart Shooter Overview

Monsters vs Aliens Area 52 Foam Dart Shooter

Customer Reviews

What a hunk of junk! - bookreader - Marina, CA USA
We bought this for our little guy shortly after the movie came out and sure enough it looked great, but durability was a major flaw. They skipped out on quality so badly that the gun broke apart almost as soon as it was pulled from the box. We were lucky to have purchased it locally so we were able to bring it back. I would say the plastic was on par with those grocery/dollar-store store toys and no where near that of Nerf. They probably new the run of Monsters vs Aliens would be short lived and tried capitalized on it by making a cool looking gun as cheaply as possible for max profits over childhood fun.

Crappy Peice of junk!!!!!!! - A. Smith -
We bought two of these for our boys for Christmas. I do not recommend them to anyone, the bullets get jammed and it doesn't shoot. The pieces fall off before you can even play with it. I truly believe that I would have been better off buying an empty box, at least it would have been durable.

Only shot TWICE - Diane Viana-almeida -
Gave this to my six year old son for his birthday. Hard for him to cock and only shot two darts out when it got jammed. After disecting it we found the spring had fallen apart. Very dissapointing, it looked cool and he thought he was realy going to have some fun but it ended up in the trash.

It is as bad as the reviews say! - J. Addair - NOVA
This dart gun is a piece of junk. It does hold all six of the darts in the magazine and my 7 year old daughter can cock the gun, that is why I am giving it 2 stars as opposed to only one. The darts are irreplacable and the gun feels and looks like it is made from the cheapest plastic available. We also got Nerf guns which only cost a little more but are far superior!

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