Monday, September 6, 2010

Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag Mag Strike Red

Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag Mag Strike Red Review

The NERF Magstrike AS-10 is an excellent primary, firing ten darts in two seconds, with a decent range as well. With the special Dart Tag variant, you also receive an extra clip, 10 extra tagger darts for a total of 20, a double-sided Dart Tag vest, and the Vision Gear tinted safety glasses. The yellow N-Strike Magstrike AS-10 only comes with one clip of 10 whistler micro darts, so the Dart Tag version is the better deal to get.

However, this gun has a few faults you should be aware of. When you fire only some of the darts in the clip, the clip slides back to its original position. To fire the rest, it has to climb back up to where it was, wasting valuable air pressure. However, an easy and 100% safe mod to fix this is to add 5-6 layers of electrical tape on the side of the clip with the belt clip on it. This increases friction, preventing the clip from falling down, or falling out entirely if you hold the Magstrike upside-down.

Another possible issue is that the gun must be pumped 25-30 times to fire a single clip. That means to reload, you have to switch the clip, then pump 25-30 times all over again.

My gun came defective, as one of the air tubes inside had a 90 degree kink in it before the piston, limiting airflow and my ranges to about 9 feet. However, the fix was very easy, requiring only electrical tape and a screwdriver, although opening the gun to get at the internals can be difficult. If you aren't comfortable modding, I would recommend just exchanging the gun for a new one, as if you can't fix it, now you might not be able return it either since you opened it up. But if this is the problem, fixing the bend will restore your Magstrike to stock ranges.

Despite the defect, I am overall extremely satisfied with my Magstrike AS-10.


Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag Mag Strike Red Feature

  • Strap on the adjustable scoring vest and don your VISION GEAR goggles
  • Air-powered dart blaster comes with everything you need to play Dart Tag
  • System includes Dart Tag MAGSTRIKE blaster, adjustable scoring vest
  • Take your blasting skills to the extreme
  • Includes two quick-loading magazines that lets you blast up to 10 darts at once
  • Also includes set of Dart Tag VISION WEAR eyewear, 2 dart magazines, 20 TAGGER MICRO DARTS and instructions

Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag Mag Strike Red Overview

Strap on the adjustable scoring vest and don your Vision Gear goggles. Then grab your weapon, load it with your foam darts and take aim at your opponents scoring vest from up to 30 feet away. Darts actually stick to the vest. Each magazine holds up to 10 darts for plenty of air-powered rapid-blast action. Play eight one-on-one games and seven team games - that's 15 different games in all!

System includes Dart Tag Magstrike blaster, adjustable scoring vest, set of Dart Tag Vision Wear eyewear, two dart magazines, 20 Tagger Micro Darts and instructions.

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