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Hasbro Nerf Mega Micro Dart Pack

Hasbro Nerf Mega Micro Dart Pack Review

These darts really fly. They out perform the originals in velocity and distance, but they don't stick as well to the target as the original darts. In addition they do not fit into some of our other single shot Nerf dart guns.

Hasbro Nerf Mega Micro Dart Pack Feature

  • Keep your NERF blaster (sold separately) fully loaded with this refill pack of 30 MICRO DARTS ammo
  • Designed for super distance and accuracy, these darts feature cool suction cup tips so you can really lock onto your target!
  • For use with any NERF blaster (not included) that uses MICRO DARTS, including N-STRIKE blasters!
  • Refill pack of 30 MICRO DARTS ammo includes a reusable mesh carry bag and a belt clip for keeping darts close at hand!
  • Don't get caught without any Nerf ammo!

Hasbro Nerf Mega Micro Dart Pack Overview

Keep your Nerf blaster (sold separately) fully loaded with this refill pack of 30 Micro Darts ammo. Designed for super distance and accuracy, these darts feature cool suction cup tips so you can really lock onto your target. For use with any Nerf blaster (not included) that uses Micro Darts, including N-Strike blasters. Darts measure 3". Includes mesh carry bag, belt clip and 30 darts.

Customer Reviews

Replacement parts - C. Bush -
These things always come unglued and get lost so I love that they have sent out replacement parts. The bag has a clip on it so that your kids can put it on their belt for easy reloading.

Love nerf guns - K. McGovern - Seattle, WA USA
My 4 year old loves the nerf guns and the darts are so soft that they do not hurt and do not break anything in the house.

great fun! - Ashley Rosand - Aberdeen, SD USA
I got these darts for my 3 year old who loves to shoot the walls, windows, refrigerator, he shoots the walls in the tub...They stick to almost anything! He has a blast with them!!

nerf-aholic! - Karen Corneil -
great deal on the bullets! when u order dont forget that some guns take different bullets. these dont work in all guns.

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Kids' Christmas Gift Ideas - Toys That Your Kids Want

Trying to get your kids the popular toys this Christmas can be difficult. Stores are overcrowded and may have sold out of the popular toys. Also, you may not know what to buy them. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some kids Christmas gift ideas.

That way, your kids will have a great Christmas this year.

The Christmas gift ideas for kids are:

1. Blokus Classic. This is a great gift for kids. It's fun and challenging. The Blokus Classic is an educational board game. It can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players. It's one of the most popular board games.

2. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles. This is another great Christmas gift for kids. The EyeClops are goggles that helps you see at night, which is cool. There are a lot of kids that want this for Christmas.

3. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. The Nerf N-Strike is another great idea for a Christmas gift. This is one of the most popular Nerf toys. It's a fun toy that a lot of kids are asking Santa Claus to bring them this year for Christmas.

4. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. The Hannah Montana toy is very popular with girls. The house is based off of the hit show, Hannah Montana. A lot of little girls are asking for this toy. So, if you want to surprise your little princess, you should get her this gift.

These are some kids Christmas gift ideas. You should get your kids the toys that were mentioned above if you want to see their face light up this year. Your kids will love these gifts and will have one of the best Christmas ever.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kids Xmas Gifts - Toys That Kids Want For Xmas

There are a lot of great kids Xmas gifts that have come out this year. You may not be sure which ones to buy your children. So, what I'm going to do is share with you a list of some great kids Xmas gifts. That way, your children will have the best Christmas this year.

The popular kids Xmas gifts are:

1. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles. This is an awesome gift for kids. The EyeClops Stealth Goggles let's you see at night, which is cool. There are a lot of kids that want this toy for Xmas.

2. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This is a gift that a lot of little girls want. The Beach House is the same house that's on the hit show, Hannah Montana. You should get this for your little princess if you want to surprise her on Christmas day.

3. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. The Nerf N-Strike is another great kids Xmas gift. It's fun and a lot of children are asking for this toy for Christmas. This is one of the best Nerf toys out right now. If you have ever purchased a Nerf toy for your kids, you know just how much fun it can be.

4. Blokus Classic. This is another great Xmas gift for kids. The Blokus Classic is a board game that's educational. It's challenging and fun. You can actually play this game with your kids, which is great.

These are some of the kids Xmas gifts that are on children's list. You should get your kids the toys mentioned above if you want to see their face light up this year. They will really enjoy these presents and will have one of the best Xmas ever.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Xmas Toys - Popular Xmas Toys That Kids Want

There are a lot of popular Xmas toys that kids want. You may not know which of them to buy, because there are so many that come out during the holidays. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some popular Xmas toys that kids want.

That way, your kids can get the best presents this year.

The Xmas toys that kids want are:

1. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. The Nerf N-Strike is a popular Xmas toy that a lot of kids want. If you've ever bought your kids a Nerf toy before, you've probably seen just how much fun they have with it.

2. Xbox 360 Console. This is a great Xmas toy. The Xbox 360 is a popular game system. There are a lot of people that are buying it this year for Christmas. Also, this would make a great gift for your family. There are games that your family can play with together.

3. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles. This is another one of the popular Xmas toys that kids want. The EyeClops Goggles are cool goggles that allow you to see at night. That's why a lot kids want this toy as a Christmas gift.

4. Nintendo DS Lite. The Nintendo DS Lite is another cool toy that kids want. It's a portable handheld game system. There are a lot of games that educate kids while they're having fun.

5. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This is a great Xmas toy for little girls. It's the exact replica of the house off of the hit show, Hannah Montana. If you want to surprise your little princess this Christmas, you should get her this gift.

These are some of the popular Xmas toys that kids want. If you want to see your kids face light up on Christmas day, you should get them the gifts that were mentioned above. Your kids will love these toys. And will love what Santa brought them.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nerf Vulcan - The Best Nerf Gun Yet

Nerf guns can be great fun and the best of all is the Nerf Vulcan. You can have loads of fun whether you are 10 years old or 40 years old. Play with your friends or get mom and dad out to play with you. These powerful guns are battery operated and ready to blast away.

You may want to keep plenty of batteries on hand. This toy requires six D sized batteries. With all of the play time this toy will see you may need a lot of them. This is a toy that won't be put away and forgotten. They will want to play with this one constantly.

They come with soft foam darts so you don't have to worry about things like the kids putting an eye out or anything getting broken. They are made to be completely safe for kids. You don't often hear of children being seriously injured by a Nerf gun.

For some reason children love to shoot each other. They can shoot up to 35 feet with these guns and they are made like a machine gun with side loaded ammo. They clip holds 25 rounds so you won't need to stop and reload every few seconds. This is what kids call fun.

This also has accessories that can be bought separately. You can add a scope and lights to ensure you get your target. With the lights you can even play low light. You can buy belts to hold the ammo and a stand for accurate shooting.

This is only one of the many Nerf guns available on the market. It is also said to be the fastest firing of the line of Nerf guns. Some of the accessories may be interchangeable between different guns. Before you buy accessories you should be certain they will fit your specific gun.

These toys look nothing like a real gun and cannot be confused for one even in low light. Nerf has specially designed safe toys for children though they are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. As with all toys, proper parental supervision is recommended especially with younger children.

Nothing makes a child happier than a new toy. This is one that any little or even not so little boy would love to add to their collection. Buy one for your child today.

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Top Christmas Toys 2008 - A Guide

It's that time of year again... The weather changes, the holiday music is playing, and Christmas cheer is starting to spread. Are you ready? The mad rush to get the hottest toys for Christmas can be quite overwhelming. This article can serve as a guide to help you get your shopping done early (And maybe even online) without facing down the mobs of shoppers, and desperate rush for parking spaces.

So what are the Top Christmas Toys for 2008?

Nintendo Wii Fit
Here it si folks. The undisputed heavy-weight champ for 2008. Even before Halloween has been celebrated, shoppers are already camping out in long lines hours before stores open to get the Nintendo Wii Fit.

Why is this so darn popular? It's fun, it's healthy, it's engaging. With the Nintendo Wii fit, you can actually enjoy your time spent getting a workout! With many fun and challenging games (Oh yea, it tracks your weight and progress too by the way...) that feel more like recreation than workout, you won't have to be told twice that it's time to get some exercise.

Wow! How many Christmas gifts can make that claim! (No spending $1,000 on a "never used" treadmill again!)

Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles
Gosh I'm jealous! Why did all the coolest toys have to come out after I stopped being a kid? These things are amazing. Not just a gimmick, these goggles actually allow the wearer to see more than 50 feet in front of him/her just like you see in the movies and video games.

The Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles definately deserve a spot in the top 3 for top Christmas toys! THe manufacturer saw fit to make these goglles adjustable to the point they fit adults too! You'll see. Once out of the box, you cannot help but try them out! The only drawback is night time can't seem to come fast enough!

Pleo Dinosaur
Pleo has put together quite the amazing toy! Here's a dinosaur who comes with artificial intelligence, and actually learns new tricks, and develops his mannerisms based on how you interact with him! Amazing isn't it?

Pleo responds to verbal commands, touch, petting, and much more! He'll even happily munch on "leaves" (Artificial of course) that come with the package after he senses you placing them near his mouth. Once the kids get their hands on this hot item, you'll quickly see why it's listed as one of the top Christmas toys for 2008.

FurReal Friends
Some marketing expert somewhere had a flash of genius with this toy. Why not create a "pet dog" without all the mess and hassle of cleaning up after him? What child doesn't want a happy new puppy? Unfortunately, this is not always realistic for various reasons.

While not a true substitute for the real thing, the FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup is definately head and shoulders above all the other plush toys on the market. This happy pup will sniff his bone, playfully growl, whine, pant, and responds to verbal commands such as "stay" and "sit" and many more.

It also helps that the pup is pretty darn cute as he moves his ears and changes his expression when you pet, or scratch his head. This one has been flying off of store shelves already!

Nerf N Strike Vulcan
I gotta tell ya, this is the most cost effective fun I've had in a long time! While I don't personally fall within the age demographics of the Nerf N Strike Vulcan; I couldn't help myself and had to go buy this thing. It's a blast! Coplete with a tripod, and fully automatic fire, this is one of Nerf's coolest toys yet!

The ammo is fed into the gun with a belt feeder, just like you see in the movies! The tripod firing mount allows you to place the gun strategically and "guard the door" waiting for your opponent to unknowingly walk right into your line of fire! Haha - Yes, I know I'm just a big kid. I can't help it with something this fun begging me to play!

The greatest feature yet though is the price. With many Christmas toys tipping the scales at $70 - $100+, the Nerf N Strike Vulcan comes in at around $40. Not bad for a toy this fun!

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Choosing Nerf Guns

We have such a wide range of choice of Nerf Guns that knowing which to buy can be difficult.

This is why before you purchase it is worth looking at just what the best ones are for the job at hand. Depending on where they will be used can alter what will be the best choice. For indoor play you may want to choose some of the lower ranged Guns as they are not needed if the shooting distance is low. They are still great fun and all the family usually ends up playing with them.

This is why it is usual for a parent to buy a few in one go or at least a two pack so that the games can begin straight away. Do not be surprised if you regret not getting one for yourself. For outdoor play then longer range Nerf Guns may be preferred, ones like the Vulcan or the N-Strike Maverick are very popular and these are amazingly low in price for the high quality. Try to get one that is not too big though as they need to be carried around easily for a fast escape during battle.

What many are now also enjoying are the Big Bad Bow items. Although not an actual Gun it falls under the range and is quite amazing to use. Whatever you do decide to choose then be sure to get extra darts. They can be gone through fairly quickly so it is always a good idea to have a backup. Keep extra ammo with you so that you never run short and in this way you will be able to ensure that you can beat your foes, especially if they do not have extra backup like you.

Choose a Nerf Gun based on the age of the child and where they will be using them and you really cannot go wrong.

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

This guide will help you to quickly find, select and purchase your low-priced Christmas toys and gifts for this Christmas season. By searching through the top 10 Christmas toys and gifts you can very quickly see which toys are the most popular on the run up to this Christmas.

What this means is that these toys are the ones that kids (and adults!) really want. So you save yourself a heap of hassle and stress. After you have ordered your toys and gifts you can just relax, knowing that your gift problems for this Christmas are over. Here are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for this Christmas...

Nintendo DS Lite Coral Pink

The Nintendo DS Lite is a top 10 Christmas toy that revolutionizes the way games are played with ultra-bright dual screens and touch-screen technology. Connect wirelessly to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and put your skills to the test against players across the room or across the world. With the Nintendo DS Headset, you can talk and chat over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or voice command games. With impressive 3D rendered graphics and ultra-bright screens, Nintendo DS Lite delivers cutting-edge portable games for fans of any genre.

Baby Alive Learns to Potty

Playing 'mommy' is even more realistic with this top 10 Christmas gift. The very sweet Baby Alive Learns To Potty doll! Press the doll's bracelet to 'wake' her up. It's time to eat! Mix her special food and feed her, using her bowl and spoon she'll really 'chew' her food and even 'drink' from her bottle and tell you how much she likes it! And since Baby Alive is also 'potty training', she'll also let you know when she needs to go. You'd better hurry, though! Put her on the potty and she'll 'pee' and 'poop'. But if you don't get there in time, you might hear her say, 'Oops. I had an accident!' Change Baby Alive's messy diaper and she'll be happy once again.

Biscuit My Loving Pup

This ultra-realistic FurReal pup is the perfect Christmas gift and first pet for any little girl or boy. Biscuit responds to you and obeys six different commands: sit, lie down, sit up, beg and speak. He'll also give you a paw when you ask if he wants a treat. Biscuit's soft, cuddly fur and puppy-dog eyes will instantly win you over. Sitting pup measures 21" tall.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet

This is a really hot top 10 Christmas toy just now because the Republic needs courageous fighters who will always believe that the mission comes first! So when your child gears up for galactic adventures and straps on this Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet with realistic sound effects and internal clone trooper battle commentary, they'll be transported to an exciting new world!

Elmo-Live By Fisher-Price

Elmo Live deserves to be one of the top 10 Christmas toys this year, and, Elmo fans will delight in Elmo Live. This latest version of everyone's favorite Sesame Street character has Elmo talking, singing, telling jokes, and a lot more. With an interactive style, Elmo Live encourages creative play, and with his wide variety of actions, he can entertain kids through different stages of their development, from 18 months onward.

Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber

Choose your own destiny -- Jedi Knight or apprentice to the Dark Side of the Force? Build your own ultimate light saber with this Star Wars kit. Impress your friends with more than 1,000 light saber combinations, electronic lights and sounds. No wonder it's in the top 10 Christmas gifts list, everyone wants to be in Star Wars.

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster

My personal favorite in the top 10 Christmas gifts list is the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. It gives you the auto-blasting advantage when you're at foam-filled war with your friends and enemies. Children and adults ages 6 and up will love the EBF-25, the largest full auto blaster that Nerf makes. It lets you shoot 25 sonic micro darts at up to 3 darts per second for an offensive assault.

Bakugan Battlers Battle Pack

Kids 4 and above (even adults!) will enjoy the challenge of earning points by rolling their Bakugan (or shooting them from a launcher) onto magnetic cards where the plastic spheres burst open to reveal the fearsome warrior apparatus inside. The popular and fun TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" has spawned this strategic game that pits a variety of Bakugan Warriers -- such as "Juggernoids," "Fear Rippers," and "Robatallians" -- against each other for points. I have a feeling this will end up top of the top 10 Christmas toys list by the end of the year.

Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board

Spark kids' creativity with this magical Color Explosion Glow Board where your drawings appear and disappear, creating cool 3-D effects like a neon sign. The reusable surface provides hours of non-stop creative fun. Such a simple, easy-to-use, creative idea and the reason why it deserves to be in the top 10 Christmas toys list.

Wild Planet Hyper Dash

Kids have so much fun playing Wild Planet Hyper Dash that they don't realize how much they're learning. Parents will love the way Hyper Dash combines active play with lessons that support color and number recognition, basic math skills. The game's format also inspires better listening and improves kids' coordination. It's no wonder that Wild Planet Hyper Dash has won an iParenting Award and a Seal of Excellence Award from Creative Child Magazine, along with several other honors recognizing it as an innovative, educational toy. A deserved top 10 position for this highly rated toy.

So there you have it, top 10 Christmas toys / gifts that are flying off the shelves, ready to make a child's Christmas day a very special occasion once again.

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Top 10 Christmas Toys For 2009

Black Friday is not too far away. Are you ready for the Holiday Shopping Season? Selecting the right Christmas toys can be a challenge every year. It seems like there is more and more to pick from and some toys just do not do the things that they claim.

It is more important then ever that you make wise choices with your money and select the right Christmas toys for your children.. How do you go about discovering the right Christmas toy for your child? The following is a listing of some of the most popular Christmas toys for the 2009 Christmas Season.

Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Toys This Season

1. Airhogs

2. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

3. Eyeclops night vision

4. Playskool Busy Ball Popper

5. Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster

6. The Settlers of Catan

7. Banana Grams

8. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

9. Mind Flex Game

10. Nerf N Strike

This list is the most sought after toys according to the search engines online.This list of 16 toys is immensely well-liked for numerous reasons. You will need to do your research to make sure that these products are right for your children.

It is imperative to be an educated consumer and to make sure that you are making the correct purchases. Nothing is more discouraging then buying something because of hypes and then your youngster having little or no interest in the product.

Let me offer you some insights when shopping this Christmas:

1. Be sure to look around before making the purchase. You may end up finding your desired gift for a much cheaper price.

2. Use online coupons for offline retail stores. Many stores like Target, JC Penney, and Sears are offering anywhere from $10-$50 off your entire purchase. You can use this internet coupon with any product in their store. These savings can add up when combined with sales that are already taking place in the store.

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Why Nerf Guns Make a Great Toy For Any Little Boy

Most young boys grow up playing cowboys and Indians in the yard, or pretend firefights in the living room. Boys across many cultures often have more than a few toy guns as they grow up. However, some of these, such as pellet guns or dart guns, are unsafe and can result in injury. The Nerf gun range of products makes it safe for any child to play with toy guns, and any parent assured. Pellet guns can cause serious bruising or eye injury, while water guns require open space outside the home. Nerf bullets are safe, even when they come speeding into contact with bare skin, as they do go far and fast with Nerf's patented technology.

The Nerf line of toy guns is created with safety and fun in mind. The ammunition includes foam balls, foam darts, or a combination of these in a single Nerf gun. The designs are kid-safe with no sharp edges, and come in a mix of different vibrant colors. Across the years that Nerf has been in business, it has created dozens of types of Nerf guns that shoot darts or balls made with specially designed Nerf foam.

Taking your pick from the Nerf blaster toy line is not easy, with all the options parents and kids can choose from. Many of the newer Nerf guns now have battery-powered automatic firing features and laser scopes for targeting, making Nerf warfare even more fun. Here is, surveys say, the best Nerf gun in the market today: the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster.

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster is one of the most formidable guns in the Nerf armory. It resembles a heavy-duty long range rifle, and even has an attached tripod. It has an ammunition belt containing 25 orange darts, which are of the same color as part of the Vulcan. The single-barrel toy has, like many other toy guns, an air-powered pump that allows kids to shoot single rounds. Adding 6 D-sized batteries, however, turns the Vulcan into a monster - a foam-shooting gun that can fire off more than two bullets per second, making it the best Nerf blaster that can even hit moving targets.

If you find that your love for your Nerf gun has gone dry, or simply need to tweak it, there are hundreds of hacks available on the Net - making even bigger kids enjoy their Nerf guns longer.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is the Vulcan the Best Nerf Gun?

With so many great Nerf Guns to choose from it is difficult to decide whether the Vulcan is the best or not.

Let's take a little look at just what makes this particular model stand out. For a start it is just about the biggest of all the possible models available. It really is a beast. As well as that it has a great tripod for accuracy and for firing off all those rounds against your enemies. This is what is so great about it. You get a great belt that auto feeds through the gun and this gives you the ability to fire off as many as three rounds a second.

The tripod folds up easily so you can still make a quick escape if you find that you really need to. What I really like is the fact that as well as the multi fire capability there is also the option to fire off single shots. This means that you can get really good accuracy and actually fire for over thirty feet. Not bad at all. The fact that this item is also very low in price makes it a real winner. If you want one of the best then this is the model for you.

Whether you want to dominate your foes with many round per second or want to take them out sniper style then the Vulcan Nerf Gun is the one for you. There really is not much that can compare to it and you will be sure to be a real contender in any battle you come up against and for any foes that you may encounter. Be sure to get one soon and you will find that you totally dominate your enemies and leave them quaking.

Get this best of all the N-Strike range and watch them run away from you in fear.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christmas Toys For Boys - Great Gifts For Your Boys

There are a lot of great Christmas toys for boys. There are so many that you may not know which ones to buy. So, what I'm going to do is share with you a list of some of the best Christmas toys for boys. That way, you can get your guys the best gifts this year.

The Christmas toys for boys are:

1. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles. These goggles are awesome. They allow you to see at night. The only drawback is that you can only see out of one eye. However, it's still pretty cool. This will make a great gift for boys.

2. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. This is another great gift for boys. Nerf toys are fun. If you have ever gotten your boys some Nerf toys before, you know how much fun they have with this toy. You should get this toy for your guys.

3. Kent Super Scooter. The Kent Super Scooter is another great Christmas toy for boys. This is a scooter that a lot of guys want this year. It's a great gift that will make any guy happy.

4. LEGO Mindstorm NXT. The Lego Mindstorm is another great gift for guys. It's fun and educational, which is why a lot of parents are buying this toy for their boys.

5. Xbox 360 Console. This is a great game system that a lot of boys want this year for Christmas. There are a lot of games that are fun for guys to play with. Also, there are a lot of games that you will enjoy playing with your boys.

You will surprise your boys if you get this for them along with some games you would like to play with them. You will really make this year exciting for your boys.

These are some of the best Christmas toys for boys. If you want to see your boys excited this year, you should get the gifts above. They will give you the biggest hug on Christmas day.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

List of the Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids

There are a ton of great toys that are coming out this Christmas. Every kid wants to have the top toys. So, what I'm going to do is share with you a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. That way, you can get your kids the best toys this year.

The top 10 Christmas gifts for kids are:

1. Bakugan Battle Pack. This is one of the toys that a lot of kids want for Christmas this year. This is a fun game for kids. You should get this for your kids. They will love it.

2. Transformers Optimus Prime. This is an awesome toy. It's the replica of Optimus Prime off of the hit movie, Transformers. It's one of the best Transformer toys to have come out in a long time.

3. Kidizoom Digital Camera. This is a great toy for little kids. This digital camera is very durable. This is a great gift for kids who want their own camera. The picture quality is great. So, if your child wants their own camera, this is a great gift for them.

4. Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin Pups. This toy looks like a real dog. Kids love Biscuit My Lovin Pup. This is a great gift for a kid who wants a dog.

5. Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table. This is a great toy for small children. It helps them learn and develop motor skills. Your child will love this gift.

6. LEGO Mindstorm NXT. This is one of the best out of the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. This toy is educational and fun. Your kids will enjoy playing with this gift.

7. Xbox 360 Console. This is a great gift for kids. It's actually a great gift for you and your kids. They have all sorts of games you can play. This is perfect if you want to spend time with your children.

8. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This is a gift that a lot of little girls want for Christmas. If you want to get your little princess a great Christmas gift this year, you should get this for her.

9. Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set. This is a great gift for your little guy. A lot of little boys want this gift for Christmas.

10. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. This is a great toy. If you have ever purchased a Nerf toy before, you know just how much fun these toys can be. If you want your kids to have fun over and over with their toys, you should get this gift for them.

These are the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. If you want to see your kid's face light up on Christmas day, you should get them the gifts mentioned above. They will be the happiest kids this year.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

List of Hot Toys For Christmas - Toys That Your Kids Want

It can be difficult and frustrating trying to find some hot toys for Christmas. There are lot of new toys that come out and they sell out really fast. Also, you may not know which ones to buy. So, what I'm going to do is share with you a list of the hot toys for Christmas.

That way, you can get your kids some of the hottest toys this year.

The hot toys for Christmas are:

1. Transformers Optimus Prime. This particular Transformer toy is one of the best to ever come out. This is a great toy. It's the good guy in the movie and cartoon, Transformers. Your kids will enjoy playing with this gift.

2. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. Nerf toys are awesome. They are so much fun. If you have ever bought your kids a Nerf toy before and watched the play with it, you know just how much fun kids have with them. This is a great toy for any kid.

3. Xbox 360 Console. The Xbox 360 is another hot toy for Christmas. Actually, it's a great gift for your family. It's a game system that you and your family will enjoy playing together.

4. LEGO Mindstorm NXT. This is a great toy for any kid. The LEGO Mindstorm is educational and it's fun to play with. A lot of parents are getting this toy for their kids this year for Christmas.

5. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This toy will make a great gift for little girls. A lot of little girls love Hannah Montana. It's a hit TV show that girls watch. Well, this toy resembles the house on that show. They will love this gift for Christmas.

These are some of the hot toys for Christmas. If you want to see your children's face light up on Christmas day, you should get them the gifts mentioned above. They will have a lot of fun with them and will remember this Christmas forever.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nerf Value Pack - Get Nerf Guns With 2x the Darts! Limited Time!

Every now and then Hasbro offers a few of their toy guns for sale in a special Nerf value pack. These special value packages often include an added bonus such as: extra clips, more accessories, another blaster, or in this case, extra darts!

Nerf recently came out with these special value packages, so they should be on store shelves and available online throughout 2010 and later as long as supplies last. As soon as they sell out, they'll be gone forever, and Nerf will have moved on to cooking up new special value packages.

The special deal for 2010 is called "Double Your Darts." Select Nerf guns will be labeled with the "Double Your Darts" logo on the side of the box, and inside of each box will be... you, you guessed it - 2x the darts! So, while a Nerf gun like the Raider CS-35 will normally be sold with only 35 darts, Now, thanks to the "Double Your Darts" sale, it will come with 70.

So, with that said, which blasters will be apart of this Nerf gun sale?

N-Strike Raider - new as of 2009, the Raider comes with the really cool 35 round drum. It also has a cool digital camo paint job, which it was the first to sport. It also comes with a collapsable stock.
N-Strike Vulcan - the first electronic blaster to come out of Hasbro's labs. The Vulcan is massive in size and firepower. It is fed by a 25 round ammo belt.
N-Strike Maverick - One of the most popular Nerf pistols ever. This toy pistol is a 6 round blaster that features and auto-advancing barrel. Simply cock and shoot and after every shot the ammo cylinder will rotate.
N-Strike Recon - One of the first blasters to come with a slew of accessories for Nerfers to accessorize their blaster with. The sites comes off, the barrel comes off, heck, the stock even comes off. It's uber customizable and just plain fun to play with.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buying a Nerf Gun

With so many Nerf Guns to choose from the choosing of the best can be quite difficult, so which one to buy?

Well, it is simply best to think about how you will be using it or if it is a gift how will it be used. You will find that with the wide choice available you will be able to find one that is very suitable to the users needs. If the Gun is to be used to just play in the house then you only need a fairly cheap one that is very easy to play with and has basic parts. This means it is less likely to jam and will have the maximum use.

On the other hand if it is for really active play then maybe something like the Vulcan will be better. This is actually one of the most popular of all the available ones to use and it is actually very low in price as well. Whichever one you choose it is best to look at the age range for which it is suitable and take it from there. What is becoming more popular of late as well is to get a 2 pack of them so that straight away the games and fun can begin. These are becoming more popular as parents are realizing just how much fun they are and wish to get in on the action.

It is happening a lot. A single Nerf Gun is purchased for a child but then straight away the parents want to get involved and end up buying one for themselves. To save the expense on shipping get two from the start. You will have great fun and realize just what a great toy they are. They are totally harmless and not dangerous as the darts are all made from foam. With a very long range on many models you will find that you can easily hit targets over thirty feet away.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nerf Gun Accessories - N-Strike Flip Clip Connector

The Flip Clip is new from Nerf as of 2009. It solves the issue of running out of ammo by allowing the user to increase the amount of ammo they can carry.

This simple and effective Nerf gun accessory allows you to connect 2 of your N-Strike clips together. These ammo holders come standard with each of the N-Strike blasters that use a clip; such as the Longshot, Recon, Longstrike and Deploy.

The product itself is extremely simple to use. When you want to combine 2 of your clips you insert them into the 2 ends of the flip clip. The ammo clips snap into place to form a long 12 round clip.

What makes this product so handy, is now you can carry much more ammo than ever before. While some blasters like the new Longstrike and Recon have slots on the stock for housing spare clips, sometimes even that isn't enough.

When you need to hold more ammo, the Flip Clip is it. It retails for under $15. Each package comes with 2 ammo clips, a good bit of Nerf darts, and of course the connector piece.

Before this nifty product came out, Nerfers resorted to crafting their own higher capacity ammo clips. What many did was come up with their own ways to combine multiple clips together. Some ideas consisted of sawing off the bottom of one clip, removing the insides and connecting it to the top of another clip.

The good news is, with the Flip Clip, you won't have to hack your clips anymore.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Nerf Blaster Battles - Safety Precautions You Need to Use

So, it's the day after Christmas and your children are all set to battle and play with the Nerf Vulcan Blasters you got them as Christmas presents! But wait just one second... There are a few things you need to know first, if you want to prevent many possibly severe mishaps from occurring.

First of all, make absolutely sure that everybody understands that they are not to fire on anybody that is too close. Even Nerf shots, as soft and harmless as they seem, can cause some damage if they're fired too close or without warning. At the very least one could severely surprise a child, causing him to fall backwards and possibly hit his head on something. A good rule is to require at least one body length of distance between shooter and target; if the shooter sees that he is too close, he can call the shot verbally by shouting "shot" or "tag" or whatever word is agreed upon.

Another thing to watch out for that is imperative during a Nerf blaster battle is to make certain the area that the battle will be taking place in is very well-lit and open. Darkness, especially with young children, can easily lead to people bumping into walls, obstacles, and even each other at very dangerous speeds. Of course, it goes without saying that if only adults are playing, this isn't so much of a concern, and in these cases darkness may even be desirable, but it's always something to keep in mind with young children.

Finally, just like around a swimming pool, running on a wet floor is extremely dangerous. With excitement of the battle going around them a child can easily try to take a very sudden u-turn or a corner with too much speed, which usually results in a flat body slam against the floor. Sneakers, which are what kids usually wear, and which are usually very firm and reliable on dry or rough ground, are actually more dangerous than regular shoes on wet, slippery surfaces. So always make certain the surface everybody's going to be running on is dry, or at least has a certain amount of roughness to it.

These precautions may seem to be a bit strict, and right at the time when your children want to play they may think they are annoying or boring, but by following these simple guidelines you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that they are playing and are also safe as well.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nerf Raider - A 35 Dart Beast That Puts All Other N-Strike Nerf Guns to Shame - Or Does it?

The Nerf Raider has been hyped up beyond belief. If you read on various forums across the net, you can find many Nerfers with high hopes for the Raider CS 35, which was finally released in October of 2009, and available for sale. What were their reactions?

Upon unboxing the N Strike Raider, many Nerfers couldn't help but gaze upon the massive, I mean massive, clip that comes with the CS 35. Its simply ginourmous.

This 35 round clip puts all other Nerf gun clips ever made to shame. Just to put things in perspective... the Vulcan EBF 25 doesn't even have a clip that big - and its fully automatic! The Raider Rapid Fire is 10 up on that electronic dart flining mass.

What else makes the Nerf Raider different from other Nerf guns? The fact that it is pump operated of course! But before you start thinking "well, that's nothing different..." think again! This is not the normal type of pump operation you most likely used to. This pump operation is slightly different, in that it is a mechanism often found on airsoft and paintball markers that call it "Auto Fire."

How Auto Fire works is like this: while holding down on the trigger and simultaneously pumping back and forth a dart will be shot. Its that simple, and better yet - its fast! Hasbro is calling this feature "Slam Fire," and needless to say, it is simply a must have feature if you want to rain quick flurries of foam darts at friends, family, and foes.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Nerf Toys: Good All Round Fun

If you thought that Nerf toys were just soft and safe footballs, soccer balls and basketballs, you need to check again. Nerf now offer a full line of dart tag, basketballs and backboards, Vortex Mega Howlers, Tech targets as well as the standard line of sports balls. In addition Nerf offers the N-strike products that allows players to fire soft Nerf darts at moving targets right on your home TV set.

N-strike is the most up-to-date and technology based of the Nerf toy line. This interactive system hooks up to your TV set through a DVD player. A DVD that includes the history, mission information, and most wanted is then played on the TV. Players fire soft darts at enemies on the screen to complete the mission and win the game. The Nerf Tech target is a great practice target or an electronic score-keeping target to aim at. More than one player can have their score recorded to see who the best shot is.

The N-strike Firefly is a great gift for those kids who love to play outside at night, as the darts actually glow in the dark when they are shot from the glowing barrel of the dart blaster. Most of the blasters that Nerf sells will shoot the soft darts approximately 30 feet, and with a little practice they can be very accurate.

If you are more into sports Nerf has some terrific new ideas. They have a Nerf Nite Jam Nerfoop that allows youngster to play basketball in the dark. The hoop actually glows, and so does the ball. The ball and hoop use firewire technology to actually light up, and the result is a fast paced and colorful game, even in conditions that would normally be too dark to play. Nerf has also perfected a Nerf Weather Grip Football that comes in either orange or yellow. These footballs are designed to keep their grip in even rain or cold conditions, and they are smaller than regulation size to help smaller hands grip the ball.

In addition to all the new additions Nerf continues to sell a wide variety of the favorite Nerf balls for good all round fun. These soft and durable balls are excellent for younger children that may have difficulty catching or throwing a harder ball. They are available in regular size and minis, so even the smallest hands can handle these toys. The soft material that makes up the Nerf products insures maximum safety when playing with the toys.

Nerf has actually improved upon the football for kids as well. The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is a football with a tail that allows the ball to fly straighter to help aspiring quarterbacks learn the skill of passing. In addition the Howler makes a really great whistling noise going through the air, adding some excitement to a regular game of catch.

For all round family fun it is hard to beat a Nerf toy. They are safe, made for small and big hands alike, and are creative and fun. Children enjoy Nerf toys, and with the high quality construction of the toys they are designed to provide lots of playtime for young and young at heart.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 Hot Christmas Toys For Action-Loving Little Boys

Manufacturers, toy sellers and critics are starting to come out with their hot toy lists for the 2007 Christmas season. The list includes a wide range of low and high tech toys in a huge range of prices with a variable range of themes. There's truly something for everyone, but this article is going to focus on toys suitable for action-loving little boys.

Gift buyers who assume a little boy will like anything they can bang or shoot or make loud noises with is only partially right. Little boys do love all of these characteristics but in my experience (with two boys of my own) what really makes a good little boy toy is one in which the child can expand the intended play. Boys like to take the toy and find a way to incorporate it with other toys, with their siblings, with their friends or with a willing parent.

There are several items on many of the lists that fit this bill and are appropriate for little boys who love action. Categories on the lists run the gamut from action figures (Spiderman and Transformers), to online gaming and collecting (Swypeout Online Battle Racing), onto transportation (Air Hogs Havoc Heli) and ending at target practice (Hasbro Nerf N Strike, Here's are descriptions of 5 "hot toys" for action loving boys:

1. Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot: This nerf toy takes target practice to the next level with 12 foam, fast-moving disks that ensure endless moving target practice. A cartridge attached to the top of the blaster lets your child chose when to launch the disks at several exciting angles (straight up, 45 degrees, or left and right). About $50.

2. Air Hogs Havoc Heli: This is an extremely high tech and compact radio controlled helicopter that can fly in any direction with complete accuracy. Like a real helicopter, the Havoc can hover in one spot and can fly up to 100 feet high in the air. Since up to three Air Hogs helicopters can fly in the same room at the same time, the toy is perfect for having like-minded friends over. The Havoc fits in the palm of a hand and is extremely lightweight. Available in three colors (yellow, red and blue), no assembly is required. About $80.

3. Swypeout Online Battle Racing: Swypeout is an innovative, interactive racing game that combines two boy obsessions - online gaming and collectible trading cards. Kids logon to sypeout.com and compete to be the top battle racer. To enhance their playing, boys collect digital cards to swipe through the game's USB scanner. Boys can collect new cars, gear and weapons for their online gaming experience. About $30.

4. Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee: Other than Spiderman, Transformers was probably the year's most popular movie for boys. The Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee is a huge, bright yellow 2008 Camaro that transforms into a robot. This is a very large, (14 inches) sturdy toy which is why it commands its approximately $30 price tag.

5. Spider-Man 3 Movie Action Figures: Riding on the tale of the very popular Spider-man III movie, Hasbro is out with a fresh selection of Spider-Man action figures including several new versions of Spider-Man himself, as well as new versions of Peter Parker, the Green Goblin and the Sandman. These toys are all under $10.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Review

Do you love Nerf guns or know someone who does? Then you might want to learn more about the Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, one of Nerf's coolest guns. This intense blaster will send your enemies and opponents running for cover when you pull it out and load the weapon. This Nerf gun holds up to 35 individual foam darts you can fire rapidly and automatically when you're in a Nerf battle fighting for the throne-you can even switch in between single shot mode, slam fire mode or multi-shot mode with ease.

The Nerf Raider uses a drum magazine to store the 35 foam darts and rotates as it shoots them to keep the ammo constantly loaded. For anyone who is a fan of the classic Nerf automatic guns this one takes it to a whole new level with rapid fire action that just can't be beat or rivaled by any single shot gun. This is sure to win in a gun battle. The Nerf Raider is available at most retail stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R' Us and other smaller toy stores.

If you want the best deals on a Raider the best prices are typically online and you can usually buy them on places like eBay or Amazon for relatively cheap (at least cheaper than the retail stores). Do a little shopping around and cross comparison to make sure you get the best deal. If you're purchasing this as a gift for someone you can buy it brand new but if you want it for yourself you can even save a few bucks and purchase a used one.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

List of Best Christmas Gifts For Kids - Gifts Every Kid Wants

Getting your kids the best Christmas gifts can be frustrating and difficult. Especially when there are a lot of new toys and games that come out. You may not be sure what to buy. So, what I'm going to do is share with you a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for kids.

That way, you can get your kids the best gifts and toys this year.

The best Christmas gifts for kids are:

1. Xbox 360 Console. This is an awesome gift to get your kids for Christmas. Actually, it would make a great gift for your family. There are games that your family can play together.

2. Transformers Optimus Prime. This is another great toy for your kids. It's a replica of Optimus Prime, which is the good guy from Transformers. It's one of the best Transformers toys to have come out in a long time.

3. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. Nerf N-Strike is another one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. Nerf toys are so much fun. Your kids will love playing with this gift.

4. LEGO Mindstorm NXT. This is a great gift that a lot of parents are buying for their kids. LEGO Mindstorm is educational and fun. A lot of kids want this gift for Christmas. If you want your kids to have toys that are fun and will help them learn while playing them, you should get his gift.

These are some of the best Christmas gifts for kids. You should get these gifts for your kids if you want to see their face light up on Christmas day. They will love these gifts and have the best Christmas ever.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nerf Guns For Sale - Maverick, Raider, Longshot and More

Are you having an outing and do not know what kind of activity to plan? This is your chance to plan something exciting for kids and adults. Nerf guns are not just for kids anymore.

Simply gather household items such as: wood planks, ladders, old tables, old blankets or sheets, duct tape, put two or more teams together and you have an exciting activity for your party!

If you are wondering about duct tape, this can be used to make quick shoulder, back and waist band supports to carry as many guns as possible. Set up the yard into a fighting arena with towers, hiding areas and ambush tricks.

There are many different types of Nerf guns for sale and they are relatively cheap, most of which will do a decent job of making any family outing a fun time:

Clear Special Edition Maverick REV-6 holds six Nerf darts and has fast re-loading capability

Nerf Hulk Abomination Blaster holds twelve inch long darts shooting up to sixty-feet away and for close up action use the detachable Mega Missile Launcher or the Multi Dart Blaster.

N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, new for Fall 2009 N-Strike line, holds thirty-five darts and it is interchangeable with Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Blaster and Nerf Longshot CS-6

N-Strike Long Shot CS-6 is perfect for those adults wishing to shoot from the background. This two six round clip Nerf gun comes with a BIPOD and other attachable parts such as a Nerf pistol, a site, and stock.

Other Nerf guns include: Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 Blaster, Nerf Iron Man Magstrike N.R.F Blaster, Nerf Tech Target, Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot, N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1, Nerf Big Bad Bow, N-Strike Unity Power System, N-Strike Buzzsaw and many more.

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